An ongoing curation of web resources of interest to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

6-8 curriculum resources from Open Up Resources
#MTBoS Search Engine: Search posts from math bloggers.
A collection of authentic tasks from Victoria State Government
A collection of circle graphs of the world’s flags.
A collection of Escher's work.
A collection of math as represented in movies.
A collection of upper middle years problems from Simon Singh
A helpful collection of puzzles and curiosities.
A list of tasks organized by topic.
A set of resources organized into courses from the Mathematics Vision Project
A simple game to work on set theory and boolean logic.
A simple, intuitive platform to make geometric shapes with coloured sections.
A site to build large number numeracy by comparing quantities.
A site to include simple, Unicode math symbols in your typing.
A snazzy collection of interactive simulations.
A variety of logic mazes from Robert Abbott
A visual canvas to explore symmetries.
A website of number talk images.
An animated, interactive platform for a variety of mathematical concepts.
An interface to explore and create fractals.
Build custom graph paper.
Collection of Desmos polygraphs.
Math Pickle's collection of puzzles organized by grade.
Current World Stats.
Customize two 6-sided dice and roll them at the same time.
Don Steward's Resource Blog
Euclidea: An unbelievably intuitive game to explore geometric constructions.
Every calculator you could possibly want.
Generate hyperbolic tilings.
Grade 6-8 materials from Illustrative Mathematics.
John Mason's Website.
Make Desmos gifs (from Chris Lusto).
Match a graph to a moving object.
Math = Love puzzle page.
Math Hombre's page for Interactive resources.
Multiplying Binomials w/ Algebra Tiles on Desmos.
New Visions for Public Schools Algebra 1 curriculum resources.
Problem Solving Classrooms. A guiding piece for grade 8.
Puzzle Game: Directing Lasers working with Fractions.
Rock, paper, scissors game that learns how you play.
SolveMe Mobiles: Balancing Game.
Tap into teen minds - a series of resources.
A collection of puzzles from Sarah Carter
A collection of graphs to sponsor interesting analysis (from Megan Schmidt)
Transtar: An arcade game for transformations.
Nim-like games from NRich
A collection of always, sometimes, never prompts.
A curated list of talking points for math.
A fun set of video challenges from Collaborative Mathematics .org
A set of always, sometimes, never flashcards (made w/ Quizlet)
Jenna Laib's Collection of slow reveal graphs to promote sensemaking about data.
A large collection of problems sorted by domain at
Random acts of maths prompts and solutions
A customizable and interactive number line
An animated linear function builder