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NCTM LA Ignite!

I was one of eight educators invited to give an Ignite! talk at the 2022 NCTM Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. I want to thank the program committee (specifically, Aleda Klassen) for the invite, while, at the same time, express just how terrifying the entire experience was–in a good way.

There was no official recording of the event (like previous years), but a fellow Saskatchewan educator, Kirsten Dyck, managed to bootleg us a copy! The videography gives a nice sense of the energy in the room.

The content of the talk expresses the very root of my work in mathematics education–work that I’ve shared freely across digital platforms, and work that I would happily continue with ambitious teachers and districts. Questions, clarifications, and objections can be directed to @NatBanting (on Twitter) or get in contact via the Contact Form on this website.


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